• Active filter system

  • Nicless cigarette filter drastically reduces the amount of tar and nicotine you pick up from your cigarette.

  • Nicless cigarette filters do not change the taste of your cigarette, but it changes the way you enjoy it.

  • You will get less nicotine and tar, but the same taste as before. Nicless cigarette filters are advanced but also cheaper than other products on the market.

  • With 300 Nicless cigarette filters you can smoke up to 900 cigarettes (this may vary depending on the cigarette brand and type of cigarettes).
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Nicless premium cigarette filter, cigarette tips for less tar and nicotine, plastic cigarette filter attachment, micro filtration system for cigarettes, regular 8 mm, the use of cigarette filter tips improves your smoking experience positively and helps to reduce various negative effects. It is easy to use by attaching the cigarette filter attachment virtually to any cigarette, but it increases your awareness of that smoke moment. The cigarette filter is an important product for smokers as well as a product that non-smokers can buy as a gift for their relatives and friends. The operating system is based on mechanical/centrifuge logic and delivers the desired result with a simple design. Important: these filters are not suitable for slim size / slim size (5 mm - 6 mm - 7 mm) cigarettes. Thank you for visiting our ISA Traders UG Store. We wish you a beautiful day and endless happiness with your loved ones.

Available Sizes 120 & 720
Color Green & Transparent
Box Width X cm
Box Height X cm
Box Depth X cm
Size Compatibility Regular & King
Reviews (3)
Rainer Klaaß
Posted on 7 April 2019

I tried the Nicless cigarette filters once to reduce my pollution and I am absolutely satisfied. The burden on my lungs is noticeably reduced, without any noticeable impairment of taste - at least that's how I feel and at home I almost only smoke with this additional filter. The 900 pack is inexpensive anyway, so just try it out and stick with it.

Jessica J.
Posted on 29 August 2019

I am a very heavy smoker, like everyone else, knows the famous unsightly consequences ... but these filters collect a large amount of tar with every cigarette, because they are transparent, you get a good illustration of what you expect from your body or what you are doing adds a little less pollutants. The filters are made of sturdy plastic and one is enough for about 10 cigarettes - so it's quite economical, so I personally think the price is justified. After prolonged use, you cough less. If you use a full filter for too long, some of the tar will run out of the opening, at the latest then you should change.

Gianmarco C.
Posted on 5 January 2019

Very good and cheap. It is a good product, well made. You can smoke 3 to 5 cigarettes with one filter.

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