• Tar Stop Premium Cigarette Filters reduce the tar and nicotine you absorb with smoking.

  • The filter tip greatly reduces the tar, nicotine and other pollutants without altering the taste.

  • Please note that Tar Stop Premium cigarette filters are not suitable for slim cigarettes.
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Tar Stop Premium cigarette filters reduce the pollutants tar and nicotine that you absorb with smoking and the cigarette retains its original taste. Each filter can be used with up to 4 cigarettes (depending on the cigarette brand used) and then needs to be replaced.

Available Sizes 120 & 720
Color Green & Transparent
Box Width X cm
Box Height X cm
Box Depth X cm
Size Compatibility Regular & King
Reviews (3)
Posted on 10 December 2021

I ordered the largest package. I can feel how badly unfiltered cigarettes harm me. Sure, they are still harmful with filters, but you can definitely see & feel that they serve their purpose! The filters are totally tasteless & you can enjoy your cigarettes! The only "unusual" thing is that you have a piece of plastic in your mouth, but personally that doesn't bother me at all! Very satisfied!!!

Jerome M.
Posted on 18 May 2021

So I have to honestly say that I have been smoking well for 14 years now, the first thing I do in the morning is coffee straight away and I couldn't do anything different, but since I've been using the filter I sometimes take 2 hours in the morning to get the first butt and it really tastes the same and is more pleasant in the throat, so if you want to smoke a little "healthy" I can only recommend it and I bet if I wanted to quit, it would be easy now :)

Jens Bolte
Posted on 22 September 2019

Super quality, very fast delivery. The filters can be used quickly and, as always, there are no disturbing changes to the enjoyment, the filters are great, I'll just use them now.

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